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Oscilloscope homepage / oscilloscope simulator / oscilloscope simulation - read all about an analogue oscilloscope on www.virtual-oscilloscope.com.

Virtual Oscilloscope (Shockwave Simulation)

Click here to go to the oscilloscope simulation!
Click here to go to the oscilloscope simulation.

Among other software, this website contains software made with a Macromedia Director training licence at Technical University Berlin in scope of my master's thesis. All contents offered, software & downloads may only be used for non-commercial training purposes.

The oscilloscope simulation shown on this website is based on the HAMEG HM203-6 20 MHz oscilloscope of Hameg GmbH in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Hameg GmbH is in no way associated with the software provided. Neither is Hameg GmbH responsible for the content of the simulation software, nor did it have a share in developing the simulation. The HAMEG HM203-6 oscilloscope only was the inspiration for developing the simulation, because it is very well suited for this purpose. Any quality limitations of the simulation software do not represent limitations of the real oscilloscope. The real HAMEG oscilloscope works impeccable in all areas tested.


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