The “Volts/Div.” wheels amplify an input signal so that a division represents a certain voltage. A “division” is the distance between two lines of a square on the oscilloscope’s screen.

A setting of “.5” i.e. means, that the height of a single square equals a voltage of 0.5 V. An amplitude of 1 V would have a size of two divisions vertical to the abscissa.

The “Volts/Div.” wheel is made up of two wheels.

map_volts_div_calibrated_wheelThe bigger wheel is used for a coarse adjustment to calibrated values. To obtain calibrated values, the smaller wheel must be set to its leftmost position.


map_volts_div_uncalibrated_wheelUsing the smaller wheel located on top of the big wheel a fine adjustment can be made. The small wheel however is calibrated for its leftmost position only.